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Topics That Work For Your Work Group

Transforming Teams – Tips for Improving Collaboration and Building Trust

This presentation explores the common breakdowns that happen between coworkers and colleagues, and particularly those between sales and customer service or operations teams.  It explores why these familiar breakdowns occur and how to resolve them. Outcomes – Session Attendees:

  •  Learn how to identify and diagnose breakdowns in teams
  • Discover how behavioral style contributes to those breakdowns
  • Learn how to improve collaboration through improving trust, making and managing promises, and holding critical conversations

Hiring Top Talent – tips for successfule recruiting strategies

What are the best screening and interviewing techniques?  How can you avoid dreaded and costly mis-hires?  What’s the best way to ensure that your new hire will be successful in his or her job? This presentation offers best-in-class recruiting strategies and people management practices to help companies be more successful in talent acquisition and retention. Outcomes – Session Attendees:

  • Learn tips and tricks that recruiters use in finding and screening job candidates
  • Discover ways to improve their own interviewing skills
  • Gain insight and understanding to help improve employee engagement and retention, particularly during the critical first 45 days of employment

Five Common People Management Mistakes and How Not To Make Them

Even the best managers face challenges when navigating tricky people-issues at work.  From hiring and onboarding new employees, to engaging, managing existing ones, to ultimately disciplining and separating with them, this session discusses the most common mistakes managers make and offers recommendations on how to avoid them.   Outcomes – Session Attendees:

  • Learn to recognize common management pitfalls
  • Discover ways to navigate those pitfalls
  • Gain a clear understanding on how to improve their people management practices to increase employee engagement and reduce legal risk

Managing A Multi-Generational Workplace – Navigating Conflict and Building Collaboration

Older workers (“Traditionals” and “Baby Boomers”) are delaying their retirement just as young “Generation Y” or “Millennial” workers are entering the workforce. New, multi-generational workplaces are enriching, dynamic and often fraught with conflict and challenge.  This session explores the basic differences and similarities of each generational cohort and offers ideas on how to improve collaboration and teamwork. Outcomes – Session Attendees:
  • Recognize the unique attributes of their own generation
  • Learn to recognize the attributes of those in other generations
  • Gather tools, tips and techniques to help them interact and connect with multigenerations at work

Ready! Steady! Engage

Employees not motivated to go “above and beyond?”  Is that extra bonus incentive not engaging your workforce?  Ready, Steady, Engage! explores the workplace elements that are known to improve employee engagement and suggests ways employers of any size and with any budget can create a more satisfied, engaged workforce.  Outcomes – Session Attendees:

  • Learn what workplace attributes truly engage employees, and what don’t
  • Gain understanding into why those attributes are critical to employee engagement
  • Gather resources and ideas proven to engage employees, regardless of company size or budget

Working With Style

Executive team members having trouble communicating? Wondering who to hire, who to promote and who to fire? Working with Style presents the concept of behavioral style preferences and their profound impact on interpersonal communication and competency. (Presentation can include use of the TTI Insights DISC Style Assessment.) Outcomes – Session Attendees:

  • Learn about the Universal Language of DISC
  • Learn how to identify their own style and the style of others with whom they work/live
  • Identify ways to “flex” to improve communication and relationships

Managing Emotions at Work

Study after study show that employees in an “emotional state” don’t perform well, are less able to use their higher cognitive function and suffer long-lasting physical effects of stress.  EQ and You explores the science of “emotional intelligence” (EQ), why it is important in business, and how to improve your emotional intelligence in order to gain higher productivity and success.  (Presentation can include the use of TTI Insights EQ Assessment.) Outcomes – Session Attendees:

  • Learn about the components of emotional intelligence and why they are important
  • Discover tips for improving one’s own EQ
  • Gather ideas for reducing stress at work

Personal Motivators and Differences of Opinions

Have you ever been stuck in a situation because of a difference of opinion? Does your colleague see the world differently from you? What’s Your Attitude explores the driving force behind personal motivators and helps participants to understand their own attitudes and the attitudes that drive the life, actions and decisions of others. (Presentation can include the use of TTI Insights Motivators Assessment.) Outcomes – Session Attendees:

  • Learn about the Spranger model of observable attitudes
  • Explore how those attitudes affect the choices we make and the relationships we maintain
  • Discover ways to understand attitudes as a means of improving employee engagement and performance

Other Topics Include:

  • Workplace Trends (Topical Pay, Labor, Workplace and Compliance Trends)
  • Technology, Social Media and the Workplace
  • Strategic Planning for Companies Big and Small
  • Custom-designed Management/HR Presentations Upon Request

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Transforming Teams Based on the book by Claudia St. John

Claudia is also the author of’s bestseller book, Transforming Teams, Tips for Improving Collaboration and Building Trust is based on the author’s real-world experience as a consultant helping companies resolve breakdowns in collaboration and trust at the workplace. Using a narrative style to illustrate problem-solving in action, the book follows the challenges faced by a company CEO and her team as they address three central precepts: that all relationships are reparable, that the use of direct language is fundamental, and that members of a team can fix only one thing, themselves.

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