What to Expect!

Welcome to the Affinity HR Support Plan!  Please keep this information for future use.  We will be calling you to collect the following information:

  • States and Locales in which you operate business or have employees
  • Preferences for communitcation
  • Outsourced payroll information
  • Launch of any program initiatives (recruiting, handbooks, HR review, etc.)

What’s Included In Your Plan

As part of your subscription plan, you also have access to our background checks and labor law poster discounts.  To access them, click on the link below:

Background Checks & Drug Testing
Labor Law Posters

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, contact us at hrsupportplan@affinityhrgroup.com or call directly at 877-660-6400.

Affinity HR Group Your HR Partner & Resource

We’re delighted to be working with you!