The unemployment rate is high. Why can’t I find good candidates?

 In Ask The Recruiter

Yes, unemployment is still higher than during the pre-pandemic days. It is ticking down landing at 6% in March. Some economists are predicting it to drop to the 4% range by the end of the year. Some industries were particularly hard hit by the pandemic while others are booming. Rock star candidates are still in very high demand and they’ll likely not come knocking on your door. You need to go find them! It’s important to actively source and engage with people directly. 85+% of the jobs we fill for our clients are done so by active sourcing. Many job boards offer access to their databases (for a fee) and utilizing this can make all the difference in securing top talent for your open positions. And, don’t discount referrals. Share the job with your professional and personal network and ask your employees to do the same.

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