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Recruiting & Placement

We at Affinity HR Group know how important it is to hire the right people for your business. We have developed a comprehensive recruiting package designed to meet all your recruitment-related needs or you may choose from a menu of individual services that complement your own recruitment activities. We offer low-cost, flat rate recruiting services that will get you the right talent for your organization, guaranteed. With a best-in-class process and a more than 90% success rate, we’re here to help with all or any particular part of your recruiting effort.

The Comprehensive Recruiting Package

provides complete management of the entire recruitment process, including:

  • Job posting development
  • Professional recruiting and candidate sourcing (online posting and headhunting)
  • Complete resume and candidate screening
  • Style Assessments (TriMetrix-HD Profile) on top 3-5 candidates
  • Presentation of final candidates
  • Client Coaching & Interview Preparation
  • Client Interview Debrief
  • Reference Checks

Job Posting/Sourcing Candidates

If you have the manpower to conduct your search and just need a little extra help, we can help you with just your job posting and headhunting needs.  Our consultants will:

  • Develop your job posting
  • Identify best posting sites and advertising locations
  • Post job to relevant job boards, social media, and advertising locations
  • Manage and maintain all postings and advertising
  • Source candidates from job board databases and passive candidates who may not be actively looking for a new role (active headhunting)
  • Compile and maintain database of resumes
  • Deliver candidate resumes

Job Posting Development

Just need some help refining your job posting?  We’ve got you covered.  We can:

  • Develop your job posting
  • Identify best posting sites and advertising locations

Candidate Screening

Screening candidates is the most critical part of the hiring process.  Our experts will conduct best-in-class interview techniques and behavioral testing to get the most data possible about your candidate.  Our team will:

  • Review all submitted resumes against job description
  • Conduct preliminary phone interviews
  • Conduct in-depth behavioral interviews with top 10 candidates
  • Forward top 3-5 candidates with interview summaries
  • Conduct Style Assessment (TriMetrix HD) for each of your top candidates

Reference Checks

How you ask reference questions is critical to their being useful in the hiring process.  Let us do it for you!  Our recruiters will:

  • Conduct minimum of 2 reference checks
  • Supply written summary for each reference

Job Benchmarking

For key positions and repeat hire positions, job benchmarking takes much of the guess work out of getting the right “fit.” The process provides an in-depth look at what is truly required for the position and ensures a high degree of success when hiring. Included in the benchmarking process is the:

  • Identification of key expectations and accountabilities of position
  • Ranking and weighting of key accountabilities
  • Scoring of key accountabilities using TTI Benchmarking assessment tool to capture the knowledge, intrinsic motivators, personal attributes, behaviors and hard skills required for the position
  • Development of a candidate assessment tool to compare the candidate(s) to the requirements of the position

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