Do you love HR?

Let’s face it – it can be tough keeping up with all the intricacies and ongoing changes to federal, state, and even local labor laws. The good news is that Affinity HR Group is here to help! Let our HR experts monitor those regulatory changes so you don’t have to. Whether you’re in one state or in all 50, we’ll keep an eye on the changes that affect you, so you can get back to more important things – like running your business!

Our Premium HR Support Plan bundles all the HR services you need to stay ahead of regulatory changes. Plus you’ll enjoy HUGE savings on our essential HR services. Your Premium HR Support Plan subscription includes all these great benefits:

  • Legislative Updates on federal, state, and local labor law
  • Handbook Services – 20% discount (up to $399 savings)
  • Recruiting/Headhunting Services – 10% discount (up to
    $1,050 savings)
  • HR Consulting – 1 hour of free on-demand per year ($185
  • Virtual HR Practices Review – 10% discount ($400 savings)
  • Background Checks & Drug Screenings – 10% savings
  • Labor Law Posters – 50% savings
  • Behavioral Assessments – 25% discount ($180 savings)
  • Payroll Brokerage Service – Negotiated savings (estimated
    $2,000 savings)
  • New Hire Documents Package – Free! ($150 savings)
  • Onboarding Checklist – Free! ($90 savings)
  • Behavioral Interview Questions and interview tips for
    – Free! ($90 savings)
  • Interview Scoring Template – Free! ($100 savings)
  • And many more services to come!

Savings are estimated projections.

Our Premium HR Support Plan is just $79/month

and includes 1 discounted recruiting project/year.

(Total Estimated Savings: $2,600)


Upgrade to our Premium Recruiting & HR Support Plan

which includes all the great benefits of the Premium HR Support Plan + Unlimited Discounted Recruiting projects/year for only $149/Month.

(Additional savings of $2,100 above Premium HR Support Plan savings based on 3 recruiting projects per year.)

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