I’m finding candidates but not the right ones. What should I do?

 In Ask The Recruiter

Experience. Compensation. Location. These are the three factors that most strongly affect the success of a recruiting project. If the position requires industry experience, specific licensing or technical skills and your budget is very tight, this can definitely impact the quantity and quality of the candidates you see. Likewise, consider the location and the size of the candidate pool. We find that the market tells us very quickly if one of these three factors is “off”. That means, one or all may need to be adjusted. Are you able to pay more for the experience level? Do you need to look at folks with lesser experience who will fit into your compensation structure? Can the position be done remotely? As the labor market continues to tighten, it’s important to be flexible and creative. Good candidates with the right attributes and attitudes are out there…..go get them!

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