Affinity HR Group’s Response to Racial Injustice

 In 2020

At a time when the country is reeling from the impact of a global pandemic, we are gripped by the tragic killing of George Floyd.  No matter your race, political preference or other identity, there is no question that what we witnessed in the video of George Floyd’s death, and the many deaths of innocent black men, women and children before him, speak to a horror and injustice that we as a nation cannot deny. 

At Affinity HR Group, regardless of our different backgrounds and experiences, we believe in equality and equal justice.  Our tendency is to remain silent perhaps because none of us are of color and we feel we do not have an authentic voice in this struggle.  But as Desmond Tutu once said, “If you are neutral in the situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”  

We have made a choice not to remain silent.  We support our employees, their families, their friends and their communities in their efforts to raise awareness of systemic racial injustice.  And, we support the first amendment rights of those calling for meaningful change.  

At Affinity HR Group, we will support our employees who decide to march to support meaningful change in the communities where they live.  We will be donating $1,000 to the Center for Policing Equity.  We will be educating ourselves on what more we can do to support and help our clients support the fight for racial justice.  

Certainly, we will continue to feel sadness, fear, outrage and uncertainty as the nation convulses.  At the same time, we will celebrate the grace and beauty and strength of our country as citizens across our nation stand and raise their voices to demand change.  It may be scary.  It may be uncomfortable.  And it may manifest itself in ways that we reject and condemn.  Fixing injustices in our history, as in our workplaces, has never come easily, but fix them we must.  We are committed to doing our part.

Claudia St. John, President

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